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BD4 ® Soporte - version 5.2

BD4 Soporte is remote control software which allows you to interact with a remote computer.

  • It is written in Java, so It is platform-independent. It is tested on Windows, MacOS and Linux.
  • Images have only 256 colors in order to reduce the bandwidth consumption.
  • It has a file transfer running on all platforms.
  • Network connection is compressed and encrypted.
  • There are two connection types: direct and reverse.
    • Direct connection is when the client connects to the server.
    • Reverse connection is when the server connects to the client. It is very useful because of your customers don't need to open any port.
We use this software successfully to bring support to our Cont4 customers.
BD4 is the trademark of our Database Management System.

Free Download
(platform-independent: 177 KB)

You can download a jar file (you need the Java Plugin) which contains both client and server software.
Command line execution shows the parameters if you need to make shortcuts:

    java -jar Soporte.jar

The following example is a direct connection to a Mac (server) from Windows (client):


It is recommended that you set a password pressing the "Change Password" button. Then the password field of the server tab will be green and the password will be stored on a SoportePasswd.md5 file.

When you connect from the client, you can see the remote desktop:

If there are some chars that you can't write, you can press the "Send Text" button. Then you can paste the text on the server.

This is the file transfer:

There are some limitations:

  • It is not possible capturing the mouse pointer on server because of java.awt.Robot screen capture.
  • Some key codes are zero when receiving key events so it is not possible sending these keys to Robot.
  • You can't unlock Windows because it prevents screen captures and the keyboard combinations Ctrl+Alt+Del programmatically.
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